Home Automation

Most people when they talk about home automation and smart homes, tend to interchange the terms. However, there is a lot of difference between the two. When we speak about home automation, we mean individual devices that operate automatically. The smart home is a much more detailed term. It refers to systems, gadgets, appliances and every electronic working together. To some extent we all already have home automation incorporated into our lives. Smart homes are relatively new tech.

Needless to say, home automation in UAE or anywhere on the globe makes life much easier. It doesn’t just save time and energy, but it also cuts down the bills. How you want to get your home automated depends on certain factors. Together these determine what route you should take to this mode of living.

Here is some insight on the basics of getting your home automated:

How does it work?

Home automation works in two steps; sensing the needs of individuals who live in the house and then responding to those automatically. Let’s take for instance the coffee maker. When it senses with its motion sensors that you have woken up, it starts brewing coffee. So that by the time you make it to the breakfast table, you have your coffee ready. In the same way, smart lighting works. The motion sensors figure out when someone enters the room. Thus, they switch on the lights. When it senses the room is empty, it turns all the lights off. So, each device that is automatic enough to make such decisions on its own contributes to home automation.

What home automation tech do you need?

Another factor that requires your attention is in what regard you need your home automated? You must concentrate on what you regularly do that’s what you would want to get automated for ease. Here lighting and temperature control are a must. In this way, you can ensure you get all the important things automated in order to make stuff more convenient and reduce the burden of work on yourself somewhat. You can also try out the newer tech to make complicated things function in a simpler manner.

Do you require a hub?

Here’s the real deal. Automating different parts of your home can mean that you’ll have to set up many things so that you can control them through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This can be a lot of hassle as it isn’t easy to schedule, time and handle every single device separately. However, if you go to a hub, it will act as a central control system that monitors and manages everything at once. The whole system synchronizes like that. You wouldn’t be required to order your vacuum from one app and lights from another. There would be a single app for every function. Remote access becomes much easier this way. It would transform your home into a much more intelligent version of itself.