Technology has advanced way ahead. There was a time when a bulky television sat a far corner of the room taking up so much space. Technology progressed, and we saw with astonished eyes when LED televisions occupied our houses, with larger and flatter screens. Today home automation has something much more stunning and impressive in store for us; Mirror TVs. A mirror TV is one that can be switched to function either as a reflective mirror or a fully controllable television. These come in various sizes and with a wide array of features. Some even offer Wi-Fi connectivity, voice and motion control along with sporting LED displays.

Mirror TVs aren’t just installed at homes but at offices, shopping malls, spas, resorts and other places as well. For all those who love the latest tech, this one is for them. It is undeniably cool how seamlessly a mirror can turn into a television. All one must do is switch it on or off.

Here are some benefits of having one at your house:


The best part about how sleek technology is getting is that it is improving the overall looks of our houses. Mirror TVs come in different sizes, and often in various frames as well. If someone isn’t a fan of a frame, he can get a frameless one as well. So, there is no need to fret over the TV not going with the rest of the room’s outlook. Televisions have become a necessity. They inform us about what is happening in the world and give us several entertainment choices as well. Now, rather than having a television that is old-school, a mirror TV offers a blend of innovation, technology, and elegance. So many people look for minimalism in home décor. In this regard, a mirror TV is an ideal choice. For fans of sophistication, mirror TVs are a must-have.


Mirror TVs do not occupy space. They are stuck to the wall, not needing a separate spot for themselves. They can be switched to function as regular mirrors as well, which means that when someone doesn’t feel like disclosing there is a modern TV in the room, he can change its mode. Most people face a problem when deciding where to keep these appliances particularly those whose homes lack space. In the case of a mirror TV, there is no need to clear space; you can go for the size that you find suitable.


Since every other home automation tech is all about convenience so is the mirror TV. Depending on the type of mirror TV you go for, you can even get one that can be controlled from afar. You can change the channels by the flick of a hand, and you can give a voice command to the TV too for putting on another channel. This makes it easy to use along with all other amazing features that it has.

Overall, mirror TVs have, in their arsenal, several incredible features from LED displays to being switchable and they offer many benefits as well.