This has surely happened with all of us and that also several times: we have woken up in the darkest hours of the night, mid-sleep, to go to the washroom or get ourselves a glass of water. Disoriented and foggy from the sleep, we have walked straight into an obstacle while aiming for the light switch! Now in such a situation, anybody would recommend keeping a mini light switched on during the night. But many people cannot sleep if there’s even a single light on and not mention that takes up power. An optimum solution? Motion triggered night lights. Neither are they that expensive anymore nor is it complicated to use them. In fact, they are becoming more and more common these days. There are many home appliances suppliers in Dubai from where you can avail these services.

LED motion triggered night lights offer a wide array of advantages. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

No getting hit in the dark

Whether you wake up to fetch food in the middle of the night or go to your garage to get something from there, you wouldn’t stumble on your way while finding the switch. The lights would switch on to welcome you and light your way. This is the best technology for those whose kids fear the dark and find it scary to head out or move around in their own rooms at night. That way you can also make sure that your child doesn’t get hurt on his way out.

Energy efficiency

There are a lot of instances when you switch on a light but then forget to switch it off, and it remains on for the whole night uselessly. This redundancy in power usage doesn’t just eat energy but money too. With motion triggered night lights another merit is that you wouldn’t have to worry about switching off the light because it would automatically switch on and off when it detects your body heat or wavelength. So, in this case, there is no energy wastage. As power is not used where it is not needed, this cuts down on the bills too. It works perfectly for rooms you don’t use that much so if you forget to turn off the lights, they stay on for quite a while. Examples include store rooms and garages.


Motion sensor lights can be installed outdoors as well. If a criminal decides to enter your premises and the lights turn on, you would be immediately alerted, and he would be deterred from making the next move. This way motion sensor lights make certain that your loved ones are out of harm’s way. Through a well-integrated system that involves motion sensor lights, CCTV video surveillance, and burglar alarm system, you and your family would be even more protected.