Digital Visualizer

Digital Visualizer with 3.2mega pixel
It shows clear image of book (textbook, prints) with 3.2mega pixel on screen, projection TV or
PDP screen in real time through computer.
Usage of Digital Functions (image stop, rotation, movement, image a recording, image capture)
It makes easy to copy and distribute the materials of books, prints and objects by image
capturing and storage.
Expansion of Storage Performance and Mobility
As a most widely used supplementary instrument for lecture in school, it reduces the size and
gets more mobility and storage performance.
Expansion of Function and Distribution
It makes possible to use additional functions by continuous updating in company website.
(Interactive White board, Text reading function, …)
Image Recognizing Teaching Solution (Making data by simple recognizing of all required
It allows of easy collecting, arranging and using of teaching materials by adding new concept
of a function of image recognizing.
It can be used in various usages.