‘The Great fire of London’ is one fire that brought about a change in firefighting. It happened in 1666 and it took at least 3-4 days to extinguish the fire. However, the damage had already been done. Around 70,000 houses, 80,000 inhabitants, and 87 parish churches were destroyed. The fire started from a local bakery and the lack of proper firefighting equipment led to extensive damage. Though it has been centuries since this incident occurred but it shaped out the modern fire fighting system!

According to regulations, open hall spaces usually do not require a fire alarm system as such halls generally have 4-5 doorways and since it is an open space with no corridors or corners, just a warning bell is enough to ensure the safety of the people.

These rules do not apply to closed public spaces such as shopping malls, hospitals, museums, schools etc. Fire alarm systems are regularly being installed in houses as part of a smart home system as well. There are certain places and reasons when it becomes necessary to install an updated and high-quality fire alarm system, so lets us explore those!

To Ensure Safety in Closed Public Places

As mentioned earlier, closed public spaces are more prone to fire damage. Consider a shopping mall for an instance. With multiple floors, nooks, and corners, it is not an easy task to alert the entire throng of shoppers with a single bell or announcement. If a good quality fire alarm system is installed with multiple water sprinklers and is integrated with multiple public announcement speakers; This will not only warn the people about the fire but will also direct them to the nearest safety exit.

Keep in mind that a good fire alarm system can detect smoke and high temperatures even before the onset of an actual fire and since it is directly connected to a local fire station, it warns the fire station as well. This is an important feature as it limits the extent of damage and ultimately saves lives!

To Limit Damage

Fire can wreak havoc at a massive level if it is not timely controlled. An example is that of an apartment building or an office building. Kitchens and fireplaces are the most vulnerable spots for starting a fire. Installing an alarm system in the building can warn the people beforehand so that they are able to exit the building in time. Modern fire alarm systems are integrated with the local fire stations too. As soon as the fire alarm system detects smoke, the fire station is immediately notified to take action without any delay.

Home Fire Alarm System

Having a fire alarm system at home is a good precaution, particularly if you have a multi-level home. As careful as you are, fire accidents are something that you can never predict. With a working kitchen, fireplaces, water heaters and even multiple electric wires, it is better not to take a chance!

A modern fire alarm system not only warns of a fire beforehand, but remote monitoring is also possible. For example, if you are not at home, your integrated fire alarm system will warn you of an impending fire on your phone or tablet. Furthermore, this fire alarm system is also directly connected to the local fire station and that in turn, limits the damage to the property.