Tired after a long day all you want to do is dump yourself on the bed and fall asleep. But life in an ordinary home is not that sweet, unfortunately. You must lock all the doors, make sure all the lights are switched off and then recheck if all the appliances are turned off or not. Then again you will have to wake up mid sleep just to make sure all is well, and none of your kids have switched on any extra lights. If you don’t, appliances will keep running unnecessarily, and that would add to your bills. Then there is also the constant worry of security. But if you live in a smart home in Dubai the scenario is quite the opposite. You don’t have these many things to worry about, and you can just jump into your blankets and doze off. That is because of the various ways a home automation system makes things better. Here is how living in a smart home, lets you have a good night:


In a smart home system, every device and appliance is connected to the hub. Which means that before going to sleep you don’t have to check on each light, each gadget in the house separately. Just a single voice command or the push of a button and all the appliances turn off. You can set a goodnight mode and make life simpler to the extent that with the app on your smartphone you can switch off the whole house, lock the doors, set the alarm and what not. Go to sleep without moving your exhausted self from one room to another to keep a check on things.


Another great factor is security. You can set the timings for when you want all the doors and windows to be locked. Apart from that, it’s a well-established fact that most criminal acts take place during the night when the residents are asleep. With a smart home system, you can sleep peacefully with the knowledge that your loved ones are safe. An automated home can be seamlessly integrated with other security systems as well for more protection.

Lighting and temperature

You can set the temperature as per your requirements. In a smart home, you don’t have to wake up in the night to only turn off the air conditioner. As the smart temperature system detects that the room is chilled enough, it turns off the cooling. Same goes for the heating. You can also schedule the AC/heater to turn off and on as per the timings you prefer. Similarly, functions the smart lightening system. If you don’t want the room to be too dark, you can always dim the brightness.

Energy efficiency

In the long run, the system is also power and cost effective. It makes sure that no appliances are switched on where not in use. In this manner, it contributes to cutting down the bills and to keeping the planet green.