We’ve seen on news channels how thieves and cons have got more vicious with time. It seems like with the evolution of mankind; their brains have also evolved into cleverer versions when it comes to causing trouble. Their plans are so well-thought out that a regular human can’t even concoct an equally evil idea to combat them. But it’s not just them who have become more cunning; luckily technology has also progressed so much so that it’s always a step ahead.

Smart homes have revolutionized the world and have super intelligent ways to keep your safety in check. The conventional days of locking doors with iron bolts are long gone; now there are more advanced ways to ensure your safety. Getting your home automated is a smart move, one that can be of use in several ways. The smart house would make certain your security is always taken care of.

Here’s how smart homes provide more intelligent security solutions:

CCTV Systems

The CCTV systems installed in a smart home system make sure that you have an eye on everything. So, if you leave your kids behind in the house, you can keep a look where the camera is installed. Not only does the system provide live viewing on your smartphone through your smart app but it also records what it catches, for you to look at later.

Smoke Detectors

With smoke detectors, the house figures out if there’s a fire somewhere in the house. In the case of emergency, this feature can be of help. You can completely rely on it to guide you and your family out through a safe passage as well.

Smart Locks

With smart locks, you can schedule the time the door should open to let people in and when it is to stay shut. That’s not all; you can also lock the houses’ doors from afar. That’s not all; you can also set a unique code to let in people who are trustworthy and visit often. With the app on your phone, you are in charge always. You can lock or unlock doors from miles away without having to worry about driving back to close the doors.

Alarm Systems

The sensors in the smart house can detect unusual activity and alert you instantly. With this feature, you can look into the matter before it is too late. Paired with this, you can also look through the camera and watch what is happening “live.”

Smartphone App

The whole network of this technology is connected to your smartphone, tablet or laptop via an app. The app shows you live footage, gives you alerts and helps you manage every single feature even when you aren’t at home.

But for all this to work properly, you need to get the system installed from a renowned company. One of the leading home automation companies in UAE is Alayoubi. This is a company you can rely on.