Home Automation

How easy would life be if you could manage everything with just the click of a button? Imagine a scenario where you could just reschedule the house to function as per your wishes. The blinds closing when the sun is blaring too brightly, the air conditioner chilling the room slightly less when you are outdoors, the coffee maker brewing your coffee when you wake up without you even have to set it. Well, these things don’t just happen in your dreams, you can do all this in real life as well. With home automation, you have the control in your hands.

Rather than having to be right beside the switch to turn an appliance on, the machine can switch on itself. And that’s not all; you aren’t required to stand in front of your door to lock it. Neither do you need to pull the lever or press the button to open the garage? That’s because smart homes do all this for you. They handle everything; from a to z.

Here is a peak at how home automation helps you do all this. How with it, you are in control of your house no matter where you are.

One app for it all

Most of the people these days have smartphones. With there being an app for everything it doesn’t come off as a surprise that there’s an app for controlling your house too. Connect the network of all the appliances that you want to control from a distance to a single software. The switch is in your hands; through the app on your phone, you have everything at your fingertips. Not only can you lock doors and watch the footage from the camera installed in your home, but you can also ask switch on the sandwich maker minutes before making way to your home so that your food is ready before you reach. This app doesn’t only work with your smartphone but can be accessed through any smart device such as a laptop or a tablet as well.


There’s more to it than just an app; you can also set a schedule for when a device should work or not beforehand. This way, when you are not at home, things would still be functioning correctly. You can connect as many devices and appliances to the hub. This would not only allow you to command things from miles away but would also give you the convenience of scheduling things to work according to your whims. Set the heating and cooling in a way that suits you. Preset the timings for when the door should be locked or unlocked or when the washing machine should get to its job. You don’t need to waste a second of your busy routine.

There are several smart home brands. One home automation company in Dubai that is renowned and reliable is Alayoubi. With it, you can improve your lifestyle by adding convenience and ease to it.