One of the public places that require video surveillance the most is a car park. You probably already have an idea why, after all, movies have portrayed a lot of scenes of crime, haunted acts and what not taking place in a parking facility. Don’t worry; it’s not like cameras are necessary there because your car’s engine can sputter to life without a driver and follow you to death. But there are several other reasons that solidify the need for video surveillance in a parking garage especially a dimly lit one. With cars driving in and out always and the vast area being occupied by a few people and a fewer security personnel, a parking lot is a place where many heinous crimes can happen.

Here is why it is crucial to have security cameras installed in parking facilities:

Prevention of vehicle theft

Why are banks robbed? Because the place is a store of money and other valuables. Similarly, a parking lot is where there are lots of cars waiting, serving as an attraction for criminals. Cameras would deter people with bad intentions from making any move. Even if they do dare and manage to take away a car, the footage would reveal the robber’s identity. This makes for proper law enforcement as well.

Decreased liability

Where there are so many cars, there is a possibility that a driver accidentally bumps his car into another one and causes damage. In any other situation as well, that results in any damage to the vehicles or someone’s property, the camera footage would help avoid liability claims or suits which can be costly to deal with.

Safety of public

With cameras installed, the public wouldn’t fear to park their cars. Their lives wouldn’t be at risk, and they would be confident about their safety. As a result, the value of the property, business or shopping mall which has a private car parking area would increase. Thus, security cameras show that the company prioritizes customer safety and hence adds to its credibility.

Pinpoints prohibited vehicles

Another reason that supports the fact that surveillance cameras are essential in parking lots is that they help monitor the vehicles entering and leaving. Even though there is staff that takes care of things, video surveillance system is much more efficient. If a driver parks his car without paying or hasn’t proved to be trustworthy in the past for any reason, the number plate of that vehicle can be identified thanks to security cameras and further action can be taken.

Remote control

Security surveillance cameras can be accessed by the managers from afar via the app on their smartphone. This allows them to keep an eye on the whole area, not only on the customers but also on the security guards.