With smart technology, we have stepped into the future. Gone are the days when we had no help with anything when we had to get up and switch on the lights and drive back home in case we forgot to lock the doors. Hello to the intelligent world where with a voice command or the click on the smart app, we can easily turn up the music, switch on appliances and have the breakfast waiting for us as we wake up in the morning. Home automation has turned dreams into reality. It has taken us far ahead in our pursuit to live a convenient life. With automated technology, half the burden of household chores has vanished from our shoulders. With the hustle-bustle of every day, such ease has become a must.

There was a time when we would think about the future as a place where the house would manage itself, where the doors would automatically open to us, where the shades would rise with the sun. Today, we have reached that level; all these things are no more just bits and pieces of our imagination. In a modern country like the UAE, the use of home automation technology has become so common and widespread that the system is no more as pricey as it once was. For anyone who wants to avail the many benefits of home automation in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the country, he can easily do so.

Here are two ways home automation has thrust us right into the future:

Prescheduled settings of smart tech

Presetting of appliances and devices has transformed our mode of living. Take for example smart technology like programmable thermostats and smart shades. These can be scheduled to meet the homeowner’s requirements. One can set the thermostat to optimally adjust the temperature to adapt to the behavior of the people living in the house or turn on or off according to the settings scheduled. Similarly, smart shades can be set to open and close according to the time of the day. Other appliances like the sandwich maker can be configured to start working 15 minutes before you reach the table so that your food is ready for you as you enter the kitchen.

The control is in your hands

Thanks to the remote access that home automation allows for, you are always in control of the automated appliances of your house. We all have gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and tablets and the smart home system can be accessed via the app on these devices. So, next time you want to turn on the music all you must do is press an icon on your phone. You can alter the settings from miles away; unlock the doors, turn on the lights etc, etc. Some systems also allow for voice commands so all you must do is order the system to work in a specific way and that’s it.