Time Attendance System









Our time attendance system will ensure information accuracy and reliability in your organization. Indeed, many companies in the GCC have trusted AlAYOUBI for the installation of quality time attendance systems, and we have been able to make a significant impact on their production, efficiency, and profitability. Other benefits include:

  • You will see the returns on your investment within a few months of integration
  • Cost savings increase as you get rid of manual payroll errors, time theft, and costs of overtime
  • Overall workflows will improve
  • Will reduce burden on human resources

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A gate barrier system offers many security benefits, especially when it comes to crowd control and also deflecting intruders. This level of security is a must for both homes and business. At ALAYOUBI, we offer a wide variety of barrier gates & swing and slide gate operators for protection, privacy, reserved space, and traffic flow control. Examples include rising arm barriers etc. Combine this with other security products and solutions offered by ALAYOUBI (such as our CCTV systems), and you can enhance the safety of your home or office immensely.

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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

There is no stressing the vitality of a hi-tech fire alarm system in your building. We can install fire alarm systems anywhere in your building, and this goes a long way in saving your property, your money, and your life in case of fire related accidents. Other benefits are as follows:

  • Timely evacuation takes place
  • Fire department is alerted immediately
  • Damage to life and property can be significantly minimized

Fire Solutions:

Never forget that recuperating from a fire accident takes much time and money. Hence, a fire alarm system is one of the essential investments that homes, schools, and businesses should make. Contact ALAYOUBI and make your homes safe from fires.

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ALAYOUBI has partnered with BlueEagle® (Creative Minds Group International LLC, USA) to provide the best CCTV Surveillance Systems for schools. These are fully integrated systems that provide continuous on site monitoring and recording through each camera, making your school safer than before. Major features include:

  • High definition IP Camera Surveillance System
  • High performance CMOS images sensor Provides high definition video decoding and playing rate control IP
  • Server version supports public network visiting, device management
  • Crystal clear HD images to enforce your security

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Access Control







Access Control is one of the best security solutions for homes, businesses, and gate communities. ALAYOUBI offers a variety of solutions, including but not restricted to:

  • Key codes
  • Swipe cards
  • Voice readers
  • Fingerprint identifiers

These are highly secure and are difficult to manipulate, unlike regular keys that can be copied. In fact, with access control, you no longer have to worry about carrying keys around. You can also maintain a history log for later review.

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