Had our phones not been smart enough to support apps, how would life have been? Today, the world has progressed so much that a cell phone isn’t just used for making a call or sending a message, it performs a ton of other functions as well. An app for beautifying your pictures and yet another for sharing it with your friends. Basically, there’s an app for everything. So, it doesn’t come off as a shock that there’s an app for managing your smart house as well.

The controls of a smart home can be accessed from afar through the app on your smartphone. So, no matter where you are, even if you are a country away, you can easily command your house to function in a certain way. That is the ease of living in a smart house. Every single device in your home is connected to a central hub and the smartphone, and that’s how everything collaborates with each other. All you need is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

Here are some of the ways you can control your home automation system in Dubai via your smartphone:

Control lighting

Sudden plans to hang out with friends right after work? But your house’s lights aren’t turned off so you must drive home before you can head out. That’s not the way with smart homes though. In a smart house, you can easily command the lights to switch off from your office through the app on your smartphone.

Control the locks

If you are outside and so are your children, you aren’t required to get back home before they do so that you can unlock the door for them. You can just command the door to open via your smartphone. Convenient, no?

Monitor the house

There’s always the nagging worry that what if an intruder makes way inside your house while you aren’t there. In a smart home though, you are not required to fret over that. The CCTV system installed in your house would transmit the live footage to the screen on your phone so that you can be at peace knowing that if anything happens, you would be alarmed immediately.

Control the temperature

Another amazing thing that you can do is that you can set the heating and cooling as per your wishes. Before making your way back to the home, you can turn the cooling on so that when you return, your house is a bit chilly for you.

Control everything that is connected

You can use your smartphone for controlling almost every device in your home down to the coffee-maker that is connected to the central hub. For being able to manage everything from afar, it is essential for you to get the home automated by a professional. This way all the devices would be able to coordinate with one another and the smartphone in a more hassle-free manner.