• Wireless Coverage for Schools and Universities

ALAYOUBI wireless coverage provides a great education environment in schools and offers new opportunities for learning. Schools can create a dynamic virtual education environment where learning becomes interactive and fun. Not to mention, collaboration between different departments significantly improve, and even collaboration between students and teachers receive a boost. Schools can introduce new teaching tools, provide greater resources to their students, and enhance their curriculum as well. All in all, our wireless coverage increases physical safety and creates a secure environment in schools.

  • Wireless Coverage for Homes

Our home wireless coverage removes clutter from your living space so that you can use it more efficiently. Our wireless solutions for homes are flexible to suit your specific needs. These will make your home less cluttered while helping you to connect all your devices to the internet without any hassle.

  • Wireless Coverage for Businesses

Our wireless solutions for business allow access from any point in your business premises. So you can carry your laptop from your office to the conference room without being interrupted for even a moment and you also don’t need to move around with a web of wires! This also results in a more efficient workforce and communications within the business will improve significantly.