Story beam

Kids favorite world stories are now at your Story beam
Lie down in bed with your children and turn
the Story
beam on. You can see world famous stories
right on your wall or ceiling.
Story beam will present a enchanted moment
for both your kids and yourself.
NOT just a story teller, but a learning solution
World famous stories are available in multi-
ple languages.
Your kids can listen to the stories in their
mother tongue or in English.
Without being noticed, your kids will enjoy
stories in multiple languages.

Story telling function
A small sized speakers and narra-
tion of professional voice actors
and actresses will draw your kids
attention and help them to fully
focus with the stories.

Health conscious system
Story beam is designed to create
minimum noise and heat, which
could be safe enough to be placed
next to your lovely children.

Excellent mobility
Story beam is available at any
circumstances and location with its
2 hours long embedded battery .
Feel free to place it anywhere you

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