Motorized Pergola

Wise people know that making an investment in their living space or mode is one that is worth it. One of the smartest decisions is to enhance the ambiance of your house. In a country like the UAE where the weather is almost always blazing hot, a shade in the outdoor area of the house is a must. A typical pergola can’t provide optimum protection from the elements. Though it makes for a great covering for outdoor recreational areas like a swimming pool, it isn’t as perfect a choice. It is prone to damage as well. Here is where a motorized pergola makes its entry. A motorized pergola can be switched to function as a solid patio cover as well. The motor technology it has allows for it to be closed for when you want to enjoy the weather. With just the click of a button, you can alter the look of your outdoor living place by opening or closing the pergola.

Here are some of the advantages offered by an operable pergola at your smart home in Dubai:


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