Most of us are already living with smart technology. There is a degree of “smartness” in every house these days. Refrigerators that can tell when a product that’s placed in the fridge is about to expire, robot vacuum cleaners that can be operated from afar and move about wirelessly without you being required to push them, central heating systems that manage the thermostat automatically and much more. All these are smart appliances that function individually. But that by no means can be known as living in a smart home. These can all be categorized broadly as examples of home automation. But a smart home is way different.

A smart home is a house that has these home automation devices connected all together to a central control unit. All these appliances, devices and technologies can be monitored by this single unit. Lightning, CCTV surveillance system, washing machine, alarms, etc., etc. A smart home is a caretaker that makes certain the entire house is running properly. It’s sort of like a robot maid that manages the whole house minus the human shape.

Here are the basics of a smart home and how it functions:


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