Barrier System

There are several types of gate and barrier systems available. The one you go for depends on certain factors including the features you want to go for, the security measures you want it to take and the place where you want to get it installed. Different places require different kinds of gate barriers; car parks, concerts, residential complexes, airports, etc. all use different kinds of gate barriers. There are automatic rising arm gates, automated swing gates and sliding gates, pedestrian gates and much more. These systems come in manual as well, but an automated system comes along with way more benefits. It is many times more useful and simpler than a manual one. Here are some of its many advantages:


While a gate barrier system cannot push criminals out it does though play its part in discouraging criminals. When an intruder notices that there is a gate barrier installed he would be psychologically deterred from trying to enter the premises. More advanced automatic barriers also have the feature of not letting vehicles pass through without a code or key. Security checks can be carried out manually or automatically. This also makes the people inside the area feel safe and protects the infrastructure as well.

Traffic check

Another merit of a gate barrier system is that it keeps the traffic under control especially in areas where there is a high flow of traffic. This helps prevent collisions, accidents and further damage to life or automobiles. This use of an automatic barrier can be seen in parking lots and even at roads that divide into many lanes.


An automated gate barrier can work seamlessly with other automated security systems for added benefits. For instance, at a car park, only authorized vehicles are entitled to spaces available. So here a gate barrier system can integrate with access control tech, parking pay machines or license plate reading tech for keeping an eye on unauthorized people. Similarly, a CCTV camera system from a renowned provider like Blue Eagle in Dubai can function seamlessly with the system to keep things monitored. In this manner, this system is versatile and can be customized with other technologies to suit the needs of individual projects.


Many apartment compounds also make use of the gate and barrier systems. This is a relief to residents as it not only gives them the peace of mind as it offers extra security but it also reduces insurance premiums. That is so because the risk of damage is lower with such a system installed.


Like all other smart automated systems, this one also is cost efficient in the long run. not only does the system save one from future damage and financial burden because of it in the case of a calamity but it also lowers maintenance costs. Less personal is required to maintain security and the staff that is engaged doesn’t require intensive training.