In the 21st century, the importance and uses of a CCTV camera system are vast. There is a need for it for many reasons. A CCTV camera system maintains the security of a place. It protects people and keeps intruders and thieves at bay. If some unfortunate incident does occur, the cameras record it and provide proof for investigation. The cameras monitor the area where they are installed allowing a person to keep an eye on everything. Therefore, CCTV video surveillance system has a lot of scope.

The system raises the value of the property as well from the safety point of view. It also increases profits by saving the place from vandalism, theft and other like crimes. High-quality services can be purchased from any of the CCTV solutions companies in Dubai.

Here are some areas where the role played by a CCTV surveillance system is of key importance:

Recreational sites

Parks, resorts, and other such places attract theft and other crimes because of how crowded they are. Wrongdoers can easily get away with creating a problematic situation by mixing in the masses. In these areas, CCTV cameras are a must to keep the public safe. A surveillance system would serve as both a warning and visual proof.

Parking lots

Another place where a video monitoring system is essential is the car park. Underground parking lots are places where criminal activities can occur if measures aren’t taking. Vehicles are huge investments by people, and no one would like theirs to be damaged or stolen. If any such situation arises, the authorities would be to blame. That is why CCTV cameras are a must there.

Cash rooms

The money rooms of every place must have a CCTV video surveillance system. This would ensure that staff that isn’t authorized to enter the room doesn’t do so. It also makes certain that someone who intends to manipulate the safety to steal the cash gets caught red handed.


CCTV surveillance systems are also installed at roads for traffic monitoring. In the case of an accident or other such unfortunate event, the cameras capture the footage. They also maintain traffic rules and regulations and note the number plates of every car making sure everyone is following the traffic rules.


CCTV cameras play a significant role at museums and other historical places that hold valuable pieces. It is necessary to keep those valuables safe. The things in there are old, costly and a representation of ancient culture. Video surveillance plays a part in keeping them secure.


Hospitals also need CCTV cameras to make sure no criminal activities take place against or by the staff and patients. To ensure that everyone is safe in the medical facilities, CCTV systems are a must.

So, it can be noted that in every public area, a CCTV surveillance system plays a significant role.