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An Internet Protocol camera, more commonly known as an IP camera, is a type of a digital camera which can receive and send data over a network. It is a step ahead of Analogue CCTV cameras because of its vast and more useful features. IP cameras are mostly used for security purposes. They aren’t new technology, so there is no reason to doubt the system. They have been in use for more than ten years. Today, IP cameras have become so popular that they are replacing analog video surveillance systems rapidly.

There are many reasons why an IP camera system is preferable. It’s not only that it offers more features but also that it’s more cost-effective and convenient to use. A top-end CCTV company would have IP cameras as well. So, if you are thinking of upgrading security surveillance at your property, you can easily get the system installed.

Here are some of the benefits of IP cameras that make them stand out:

Improved picture quality

An IP camera offers five times better picture quality than an analog camera. A crisper image quality would ensure that the pictures wouldn’t be pixelated. This would allow one to zoom in and have a good look at the details.

Advanced software

IP cameras also have far more developed analytical software to go with the powerful hardware. This allows for better functionality. This software gets updated automatically to keep up with up-to-date technology.


The interface of an IP surveillance system is easy to comprehend and use. So much so that one doesn’t have to be an expert to use it. Even amateurs can manage the system.

Remote access

Another thing that makes an IP camera better is that its server can be logged on to from afar. Like two computers can communicate with each other despite the distance, an IP camera can be controlled from miles away. You can even access the system and view the footage on your smartphone.


Where analog cameras require a DVR to install even a single extra camera, the IP system makes no such demands. This makes for ease and saves bucks. The same wired or wireless system can be used to grow the network as per your needs.

Systems integration

The IP system can sync with other applications and systems efficiently. For example, it can connect with the alarm system and smart lighting in a hassle-free manner.

More secure

The system is also more secure as all your data is end-to-end encrypted. Hence, you need not fret over the safety of your data as your privacy wouldn’t be compromised.

High-speed recording

When a fast-moving object is captured on the footage of an analog camera, the quality is blurry. Whereas an IP camera provides maximum clarity at every frame.