CCTV in Abu Dhabi

Where many people just want the camera surveillance system to be installed at their business sites a huge lot demands for this level of security to be available at their homes as well. They like the idea of not just their family being safe but their minds being at peace with the knowledge that no one can threaten their loved ones or steal their valuables. Surveillance cameras are the first choice for anyone who wants to keep his house as protected as possible. There are several providers of CCTV in Abu Dhabi that can install the system.

The demand for CCTV surveillance systems is growing day by day due to its many benefits. If you too are deciding to get the system set up then know that before getting started some factors need to be considered. One of these factors is where you must get the video surveillance system installed. The positioning of a security camera determines the level of safety and thus is an essential matter to consider.

Here are a few tips regarding the placement of security cameras at your house.

Indoors or outdoors?

The first question that arises is whether you should get the system installed inside the house or outside? Getting the CCTV cameras installed outside means saving your family and valuables from external threats and that is why getting the system installed outdoors is crucial. Whereas for the people who have disabled or old members living at home or children who are too young to comprehend things indoor surveillance is also necessary. Some people also decide to install cameras that are meant for outdoor surveillance inside their glass windows. That is not a favorable idea as it doesn’t work to deter criminals and can also hinder the range of the camera’s view.

Outdoor cameras

The right places for installing outdoor cameras are doors and windows or any such entry points for intruders. A camera must be positioned above the front door facing downwards as that wouldn’t just discourage the criminals but would also provide you with an option of viewing who is at the door before answering the bell. It must be noted that outdoor cameras must always be weather-proof and be able to record footage even when the lighting is dim, or it is pitch black. Other than that, they must be installed at high places so that they cannot be damaged by potential threats.

The focus of the camera

Where you must get the surveillance, camera installed also depends on the type of the camera. First off, if the viewing angle is 45 to 75 degrees it’s focus must be directed at a area. Wide angle cameras must be installed at places where they have an unobstructed view. Similarly, rotating cameras must also be installed where they have enough room to capture footage. It must be noted that different cameras are designed for indoor and outdoor use.