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There is not any smart technology that Alayoubi does not cover. With us, you get high-end quality and the best of services. We also provide fiber optics solutions for your networked systems. Our technicians assist you in the best use of fiber optic cables and other issues related to them. Fiber Optic Cables have an increased bandwidth which means they carry unlimited information at great speed. They perform way better than metal ones and cover long transmission distances.

In the long-run, they are a cost-effective option as they are durable and do not get damaged easily. The advantages do not end here; there’s more. An optical fiber cable is lighter and thinner, it occupies less space as well, but it has approx. 4.5 times more capacity than the regular copper wire. It isn’t hazardous either as it is dielectric. It is a secure medium for data as it cannot be easily tapped and isn’t susceptible to fraud.

A fiber optic cable is also resistant to electromagnetic interference, so electrical noise doesn’t impact it’s working. With this technology, you are more secure and so is your data. Fiber Optic Cables are more bendable, and they aren’t affected by corrosive elements. So, the maintenance costs are lower as well because they can withstand wear and tear and do not need to be replaced anytime soon.

Fiber optics will help your business progress. The installation is easier as well if done by a skilled person and in that regard too, Alayoubi has your back. You gain a manifold of benefits by this technology. Metal wires are the old deal and need to be replaced due to their shortcomings. Fiber optic solutions are a way better choice.

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