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Gate Barrier System
Gate Barrier System


Alayoubi is one of the pioneers of high-end technologies in UAE. That is why you can trust us with our products and services. We make certain that everything we do for our customers is up to par. Our team of highly experienced and talented mechanical engineers and technicians makes certain that everything is done for you from the installation to the customization all as per your demands. Our brand has risen to this high a level because we blend integrity and creativity in what we do.

Our gate barrier system is another of our smart solutions that assist you in controlling and monitoring your business or home better. Whether it is set up in a workplace or a residential area, the advantages are vast. It offers a premium level of safety as it protects the individuals inside by deterring criminals and thieves. It can integrate smoothly with other smart systems such as a CCTV video surveillance system or an alarm system for even better protection.

Apart from the security, it offers privacy as well. There are many types of gate barrier systems, and Alayoubi is a provider of them all. From swinging gate systems and sliding gate systems to automatic pedestrian gates and much more, we offer a broad variety. A proper automatic gate opener makes certain no unauthorized vehicles enter the premises and keeps traffic flow under control. Not just that but these electric gates are also cost-effective in the long-run, they are energy efficient and cut down on the management costs as well.

With Alayoubi’s barrier security system, you are a step ahead of intruders. Security measures must always be taken beforehand to prevent damage. These systems are essential for business buildings and apartment complexes to keep traffic managed and privacy and protection in check.


Prepare Home Remodeling Ideas $600 - $1150
Specify Materials $250 - $350
Paint Rooms $2.50 - $3.50 Per Square Feet
Install Interior Door $150 - $350 Per Door
Install Light Switch $100

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