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Guest Room Management System


At Alayoubi technologies, we aim to provide you efficiency at whatever you do. Our advanced smart solutions for every situation make things easier for you. With the race in technology going so fast and the competition being fierce, it’s no surprise that hotels too, are constantly dialing up the notch on the quality of their services. With Alayoubi, you can be a step ahead. Make your guests feel at home; with us, you can take technology to a whole new level of innovation.

There are scores of benefits you gain; from delivering exceptional hospitality services to making staff management increasingly convenient. The Guest Room Management System offers optimal monitoring and control of the lighting, temperature, and other room services. Efficiently manage the energy usage of the entire property. Don’t just conserve energy; play your part in keeping the environment green all while maintaining guest satisfaction at its best.

The control interface is intuitive and understandable. You can easily manage everything without having to put in as much effort. Designed to not just provide smooth running of the system and intelligent working but aesthetic appeal as well. Motion sensors integrate with other technologies to provide security, convenience, and energy saving. Curtain control, entertainment options, and automation in about everything makes certain there is no functionality lacking.

Have the entire property from ground level up managed from one place and keep a check on the working of every technology in a hassle and trouble-free manner. The system supports minimization of costs and maximization of profits. You also reduce staff workload while increasing productivity. Just like your guests’ comfort and pleasant experience are your first priorities, your convenience, and enhanced systemic working is ours.

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